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V-leto specialized in design unique and extra ordinaries experiences, according to our customer needs. We will be in charge starting from the travel planning up to the departure of passengers from our country, maximizing our resources and budget established.


Why V-leto?

  • We have a highly trained and specialized team in this market
  • Quality management guaranteed by our license MBT 017090  “Visit Murmansk” LLC) check the license >>>
  • Expert designer of extra ordinaries experiences
  • Excellent relationship with suitable suppliers for managing experiences
  • We are respectful of the environment and our natives communities
  • Quality guaranteed by our service 24/7


Why Murmansk?:

  • Murmansk – the most northern port city of the world.
  • Its strategic location makes it the a appropriate place for air connectivity between most cities worldwide.
  • The unforgettable beauty of the Kola edge.
  • Our city has a good touristic offer, represented in its cultura and historical past, the famous Aurora Borealis will not leave anyone indifferent.


V-LETO.RU – это все направления туристской деятельности: пляжный отдых, как на популярных курортах массового направления: туры по России, туры по миру, так и на экзотических.


Санаторно-курортное лечение с различными лечебными профилями в России, Чехии, Германии, Италии и других странах.

Горнолыжные курорты разнообразные по своей архитектуре и расположению.

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